Quality Assurance Analyst

Job Description

We have a great opportunity for a Quality Assurance Analyst to join a leading provider in legal services.


Key responsibilities will include:

  • Carry out quality checks each quarter on a sample of new business that has been accepted by fiduciary business and the law firm. Ensuring the on-boarding process has followed internal policy and procedures in relation to CDD, screening and the risk assessment.
  • Work closely with theĀ  RegOps Managers to identify the frequency and volume of QA testing per administrator.
  • Provide immediate feedback, coaching and support where development areas are identified and/or remediation work is required.
  • Prepare reports for each jurisdiction on QA testing findings and make recommendations for training and any remediation.
  • Present training sessions for the COU, PRU and BRU to make them aware of any trends in quality issues and ensure they are aware of the latest requirements per internal policies and procedures.


More information about this role is available upon request – contact the team today for further details.